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On The Mountains of Madness

0.2km Away

35-50 Mins

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

What is Raft?

Raft is an exciting new way to experience interactive audio stories while out and about, all by using your phone. Simply head to the start point on the map, put your headphones on and listen, Raft will show you where to go and reveal the story automatically as you get there.

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It Flows - Buxton Fringe 2020

Experience Buxton like never before.

Maybe things wouldn’t feel so heavy if I could just...flow….

Cassie is at a crossroads. Frustrated professionally, and with her personal life in termoil, she hops a train to Buxton in an effort to learn about Britain’s pagan past and help kickstart her life again...

...But, in the shadow of St. Anne’s Well, something strange is about to surface, something that might just change the entire course of Cassie’s life…

All you need is your phone, your headphones and the town of Buxton.

*It Flows was created entirely in accordance with social distancing regulations and designed so it can be experienced in the same manner.


I don’t have a Smartphone, can I still take part?

Yes and no, Raft is designed to work with phones that have access to the internet and audio playing abilities, so we cannot guarantee that Raft will work with any non-smart phones. However, we aim to make story files available on some popular podcasting platforms in the future for you to experience without using the Raft platform.

Do the stories come with subtitles?

Yes, we aim to make our stories as accesible as possible, stories with close captioning are marked with

I have reduced mobility, can I still enjoy the stories?

Yes, Raft works with and without location data, meaning you can experience a story anywhere you feel confortable. simply select ‘Manual Play’ from the settings menu to play the different scenes in your own time.