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A framework for creating real-world, multi-media experiences, interact-able through mobile.

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Effortlessly combine technologies to create rich narrative experiences.

Raft was born from our need to create a flexible framework for non-linear storytelling, that allows audience members to interact with real-life multi-media experiences using their mobile phone.

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Two line-drawing hands meet with a touch, the title 'First Contact' is positioned over them.
First Contact

Created in collaboration with Fuse Arts. "“First Contact” is a unique interactive installation, exploring how vital and crucial that first interaction is with a person who is struggling with their mental health, and the lasting effect that moment can have."

A Poster reading 'Digital Yarns an AR arts festival'
Digital Yarns

Despite The Monkey presents Digital Yarns: an AR arts festival showcasing a dynamic mix of Liverpool’s most exciting young artistic talent, supported by Culture Liverpool.

The streets of Liverpool will be brought to life like never before with a diverse line-up of music, theatre, poetry, spoken word and story telling.

All you need to take part is your smartphone and a pair of headphones - the rest is yours to discover!

A bubbling pool, with the title 'It flows'
It Flows

Cassie is at a crossroads. Frustrated professionally, and with her personal life in turmoil, she hops a train to Buxton in an effort to learn about Britain’s pagan past and help kick-start her life again...
...But, in the shadow of St. Anne’s Well, something strange is about to surface, something that might just change the entire course of Cassie’s life…

All you need is your phone, your headphones and the town of Buxton.


Mobile Experiences

The core of Raft lives on the audience members phone, available as a native or web app for maximum flexibility.

Flexible Stack

Raft provides a simple API to connect multiple inputs and  outputs, for a quick and easy setup experience.

Easy Authoring

Raft Creator allows simple and flexible creation of non-linear experiences through a node based GUI.

Unlimited Configurations

Raft's modular approach to inputs and outputs allows complete customisation on a per-project basis.


At it's core, Raft is a simple state machine; It allows you to define non-linear experiences that run on a users mobile phone, and react in real-time with external media sources (Projectors, Lighting, Sound systems etc.)

Raft also allows you to trigger events on a users phone using external triggers (Sensors, Geolocation, Art-net)

Art-net and OSC are protocols for connecting and communicating between different hardware, Raft on the other hand is protocol-agnostic, it doesn't care how you communicate between devices, it instead allows you to define complex behavior trees that control WHEN hardware should communicate.

Technically no, Raft is a lightweight state machine that could in theory run just about anywhere, however we believe the power behind Raft is the ability to give each user a truly unique experience through their own mobile device.

Raft is currently in closed alpha, however we're currently looking for collaborators to help test the system with their projects. Raft has successfully been used to run multiple projects over the last year, allowing us to improve and expand its functionality. We're always looking for the next challenge for Raft.

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